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Organizing Tips


There are a few things you need to know when you organize with baskets.  Baskets are the quickest and best way to get your things in order, have them found easily and look great with your decor.  Plastic is great for storage that is stowed away and out of sight, but baskets bring organization in plain sight.  

Before you use and/or purchase baskets for storage and organization there are a few things to consider.   

Organize your things in like items or like purposes.  This is very important because the basket needs to be big enough to encompass all the items.  If the basket is not large enough then the basket will become one of the places for the items and the overflow will end up someplace else, thus disorganization.

Decide where the baskets are going to be located.  Make sure the shelving, counter or space is the correct size for the baskets.  If the baskets are too small they look out of place if they are too large they will be in the way.  Also take into consideration the stacking possibilities of the baskets.  

Consider the décor of the room before placing the baskets.  The chosen baskets need to match the style and color of the space.  For example, baskets used in an office space will be different than baskets used in a nursery.  

Use appropriate baskets for the appropriate items.  For example, baskets used in the bathroom or outside spaces will need to withstand some degree of moisture while baskets used in a dry area such as a bedroom, closet, or pantry do not need to be moisture proof.  The baskets also need to be of appropriate height so they manage their contents without falling out.  For example, if you are using a basket for brushes and hair items, the base needs to be sturdy enough so it doesn’t fall over from the being top heavy.  If you are using baskets for make-up the walls of the baskets need to be shallow to see all the items plainly or if you are using baskets for canned goods the baskets need to be durable and high enough to encompass the weight of the cans.  

Baskets are an excellent way of keeping your life in order and organized.  Just follow these guidelines and your space and things will be well organized and look really fabulous.  


Open Storage Wood Bench and Wicker Baskets Sit down, relax and take off your shoes the moment you enter your home. This elegant furniture piece is the perfect match for a foyer, entryway, end of bed or beneath a window. Open bottom design allows for stora

When you come home at the end of the day it is easy to throw your shoes, hat, scarves, purses, etc. down at the closest hard surface next to the door.  Thus, many entry ways are not inviting.  This bench is perfect to sit down on to take off the shoes.  Instead of throwing shoes and accessories in a pile, just open the drawers underneath and put your items there.  Depending on the size or your family, each member would be assigned a drawer, or another option is assigning the drawers to a specific item.  Either way you decide to organize, when the drawer gets full it is time to purge.  

Not only is this bench a great accent piece in your space, but it will contain your things so you can find them when you want them and it creates a very inviting entryway.